The LifeBeaconDifference™

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You Say You Want a Revolution

            Believe it or not, competitive medical alerts still use technology first developed in the 1960s.   Combine a speaker phone for the base station with a dial up modem, and add the same radio frequency activator you probably use to open the door to your car, and you have a Plain Old Personal Emergency Response System (or, PO-PERS). 

The drawbacks of the PO-PERS system are obvious:
  • Your activator will work only within a very limited range of the base station
  • It takes a very long time for a dial-up modem to make a connection and transmit your data
  • Your activator has no speaker so you cannot talk to an operator unless you happen to be near the base station

These drawbacks are only the beginning. Now, compare the LifeBeacon:
  • All you need is cell signal—your activator will work virtually anywhere
  • LifeBeacon’s digital interface saves time—get an answer as much as 75% faster
  • You will always have an operator you can talk to in an emergency

The LifeBeacon Difference™

            But as important as the performance benefits of the LifeBeacon are, they are not the LifeBeacon Difference™.  No, the LifeBeacon Difference™ is something else altogether.  It is you and your loved ones living your lives every day with confidence and satisfaction, because you know the LifeBeacon will protect you, wherever you are, in the event of an emergency.    

A lot of PO-PERS companies talk about how you can feel secure in your home with their product.  That’s nice—we all want security and peace in our homes.  But confidence at home is only a small part of the equation.  And life for seniors has never been about just staying home, out of the way, and alone. 

The real LifeBeacon Difference™ is the trust, faith, and confidence to do all those things that you or your loved one still love to do.  It is gardening.  It is fishing, working in a woodshop, walking the dog, getting the mail, exercising, golf, and visiting family and friends.  It’s the reason we built the LifeBeacon in the first place.

We want every senior to experience all that life has to offer.  We invite you to call us at 1-888-50-BeFree or fill out our online form, and experience the confidence that comes with living life—not just surviving another day.  Experience the LifeBeacon Difference™.